from sea-grey shores - Jane O'Leary

New Release:
February 2021

On Navona Records

Read how Jane’s connection to the sea influences her music so vividly
in a recent interview: ‘The Inside Story: Jane O’Leary and RELIVE

Jane O’Leary – Composer

From early beginnings at the piano in her Connecticut home to a life of performance, composition, concert promotion, mentoring and teaching on the West Coast of Ireland – Jane has carried a love of music with her throughout her life.

Dedicated to the creation of new music and passionate about sharing it with listeners, Jane has enjoyed composing music for soloists, ensembles, choirs and orchestras – often reflecting the landscape surrounding her – sea, clouds, windblown trees.

Jane has honed her skills and learned her craft through performances with specialist new music ensemble Concorde for over 40 years – exploring sound and listening from within.

“a beautiful and austere marine setting: white clusters from the accordion, nearly Japanese, painting the cracked foam between the waves.”

Madrid, 2019 – re: between two waves of the sea
Álvaro Guibert in El Cultural

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